Friday, January 28, 2011

Gone to Texas

I'm reading the Jan.31 SI this morning and I stop at the Editor's Letter (for once), entitled "Gone to Texas". Terry McDonnell writes about the annual Superbowl "reunion". For who? Media! That's who!
"...this year more than 5,000 credentials have been issued to a raggedy assortment of media people from 26 countries, most of whom will be holed up at the 1.840-room Sheraton Dallas Hotel, where the over-under on the elevator wait will likely be Topic A by Friday."
Uhh, that's me!! Terry is talking about me. Well, the "raggedy" part of assortment anyhow. Credential #4999 maybe? He goes on to list all kinds of media and other social events happening throughout the week which left me drooling. I've been given a rough itinerary for our evenings which includes the Gene Simmons-Shannon Tweed party, The Fray at Bud Light Hotel, dinners at some famous chefs' restaurants (??? Justin from work would kill me for not knowing those chefs' names), and Pamela Anderson's party. I'm not in charge so I have no input....I'm just tagging along like a happy drooling little Canadian puppy dog.

Celebrities aside (well entertainment celebs anyway), am I super nerdy to be tunnel-visioned about the media celebs I might meet? Peter King, Jim Rome, Tim Layden, Adam Schefter???? Pam Oliver!!!! Oh Pam! If I'm stuck in an elevator wait with Pam or ANYONE, I'll call it a good week. I'm going to work my butt off down there. I'll relax on game day.

3 days and I'll be back to my country roots. Boots are packed.


  1. You forgot Nelly's concert and of course the biggest celebrity of them all... ME

  2. Well not much of a celeb are you, Anonymous?

  3. Take a million photos! LOUISE (not anonymous)