Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's Arlington, people!!!

I arrived yesterday in Dallas. Decently warm (compared to Ottawa!) but the cold came overnight and today. Holy eff!!! It's freezing here!! The freezing rain hammering my window this morning actually woke me up. It's only supposed to last for 2-3 days and be in the 70's for Superbowl Sunday so I can get over it. But Superbowl XLVIII is going to be in New York. Ha!!! Good luck with that.

The Sheraton Dallas is home for the week and it's like an ant hill crawling with media from all over the world. It's a busy busy place. Cameras, recorders, computers buzzing and being carried to and fro. I feel so lucky to be included. Across the skywalk is the Media Center. "Radio Row". If you want to see how the biggest single day sporting event in the world is created, that's where you go. It's truly amazing.

The charter buses left bright and early this morning to Cowboys Stadium....in 3 inches of ice and a police escort. The new Cowboys Stadium (in ARLINGTON, TX--get it right, people) is what you might think. A super-modern monstrosity with premium suites fit for a king. Looking up at the big screen hurt my neck. But it's just stunning. Any photo I took wouldn't do it justice. The organization of media day is just crazy. One journalist (from Dallas) I spoke to said he read a book by an American sports writer now living in London and that writer once said "Superbowl Media Day is soul-crushing". I'm obviously on a rookie-high and enjoyed it all but I could see what he was saying. The NFL is known for it's BIG business and entertainment value and Media Day is the epitome of it. 5000 journalists and all the players and coaching staff and the NFL Network on set and it's just a madhouse of camera flashes, microphones, attention-getting shouts thousands of questions hardly even on the subject of actual football.

Still, made me happy. I was the stills photographer for our group today and I loved every minute of it. I listened to some great interviews and got close with some of my favourite sports journalists. *sigh*

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