Friday, February 4, 2011


The Back Story in Newsweek regarding SBXLV in Texas. Awesome!!
-- McKay Coppins and Robert Verger


When it comes to the Super Bowl, it appears so. This year's game is projected to pour $612 million into the Dallas-Ft.Worth economy (compared with Miami's $333 million gross last year). A head-to-head comparison:

XLIV (Miami 2010) vs XLV (Dallas-Ft.Worth 2011)


Cost to build Sun Life Stadium--Cost to build Cowboys Stadium
$115 MIL (75,192 capacity ----- $1.3 BIL (105,000 capacity)

Most expensive ticket $8,300 --- Most expensive ticket $11,000*


Cost for 30-second TV spot $2.6 MIL --- Cost for 30-second TV spot $2.8-$3 MIL
Donors who spent$1 million to be "founding sponsors"
No more than 2☨ --- 12


Year-over-year growth in demand for house rentals in and around Miami during Super Bowl weekend
232% --- 3,721%

Average round trip flight to Miami/weekend car rental -- $314/$180
Average round trip flight to Dallas-Ft.Worth/weekend car rental -- $326/$226


Price to attend party hosted by Snoop Dogg at the Delano Hotel -- $500
Price to attend party hosted by Diddy at the Tower Building in Fair Park -- $500

Maximum penalty for soliciting a prostitute
$500, two months in jail --- $2,000, six months in jail

* For $200 you can sit outside the stadium and watch the game on huge outdoor HD televisions
☨ Figure for Super Bowl XL, held in Detroit in 2006--the record prior to this year
** Attributable to the fact that Dallas-Ft.Worth is not as regular a vacation destination as Miami

You can read the original piece here.

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