Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thank you, Gracias, Merci!

As you all know, going to Superbowl was the dream trip of my life. I religiously watch football, read about football, listen about football, watch the network dissect football every week for 17 weeks. Not including the combine, the draft, and pre-season (aka fantasy research season). You've seen my facebook "religion", something about there only being one holy day. It only makes sense that the Super Bowl would be mecca. And so I went to the Greatest Show on Turf. I'm actually still digesting it all, going through hundreds of pictures, telling stories, writing bits and pieces, handing out goodies to friends who went in spirit with me. There was such anticipation for a dream trip for me that it was amazing to me when I met people who'd been many times. It was the 16th Super Bowl trip for one gentleman I met from Southern California. His annual trip! Rich Eisen, during Sanders' 'Hold on Playa' segment on NFL Network, said "5:30am show call for a 5:30pm kickoff?? Hold On Playa!!". It reminded me that some people do this every year for 16 hours a day! (Sooooo jealous!) When I woke up Super Bowl morning in my Sheraton hotel room (with some heat finally), I thought, I actually get to watch a football game today. So much build up for a football game! There are so many people to thank for such an amazing experience.

El Alcalde - Un millón de gracias. Por todo. The opportunity of my lifetime can never be repaid, Rafito. Endeudados para siempre.

Jack aka Dallas - The Big Leagues stories might be my favourite thing about you. But who was it you pitched to again? Babe Ruth? ;)

Smitty - Host of the Year! A tiny bit of scary driving was worth the fantastic places you took us to. I have referred to my 'Smitty's Notes' in my Blackberry already. Keep the bar low buddy.

Jimmy - Chivalry is not dead when Jimmy is around. Compassion is your middle name. I knew how sweet you were when Jimmy told me the story of how he met you!

Elizabeth - You define Southern charm. With that accent of yours, you could read me the phonebook. And it was nice to have a feisty girl in the ranks along with me. I think you're the true boss in that crew.

Debra and Wheel - Thanks for watching my first live NBA game with me and sharing your margaritas. The couple who drinks tequila together, stays together!

El Presidente, Fernando Fiore - Here's to Platinum Level buffets!! It was nice to have a friendly face here and there all week in Dallas.

Savino - You scare the hell out of me! But you're amazing at what you owned that booth. Thank you for getting us where we needed to be and including me with the crew at SB. I promise to send you all the pics, I swear!

Matty - Thank you for calmly listening through my one feminism rant of the week. ;) How you managed to pull off being stat man at SB with the way your head was feeling was fantastic!

El Vikingo - Eduardo, thank you for everything, smoke breaks, and making sure I made it home to Canadaaaaa!!

Joe Uva, Cesar, and Beau - Thank you for the best tequila in the world. Wow!! And fantastic dinner conversation.

Marly - You're an inspiration!! I listened to every word you said on the charter to the stadium on Media Day. Thank you for showing me the ropes and introducing me to so many people.

Adrian Garcia and Dan - Thanks for also showing me around and including me on such a crazy day with over 5000 people! You did great Dan!

Perry's Chophouse - I'm from Alberta, I work in a traditional steakhouse, and THAT was one of the best steaks I have EVER eaten. And Australian cold water lobster. And thank you for wine from the locker, Don Julio Real, and meeting Matthew Morrison in the bathroom hallway! Most gracious and adorable celeb I've ever met.

Dallas Sheraton - Despite some pretty horrid circumstances, my stay was great. Thank you for putting me in the South Tower sans fire alarms and for ONE OF THE BEST BARTENDERS I've come across, Alisa, in the lobby bar. If that girl is considering another future career, I understand. But if she isn't, KEEP HER!!! Gorgeous, witty, and makes a mean gin martini. Tell her Miss Little from Canada says hello!!

Charlie Palmer's At the Joule - VIP treatment never gets old! Smitty was a gent taking us there. The food was UN-BE-LIEVABLE. Thank for everything and a tour of that gorgeous kitchen!!

Mr. Peter King - You have no bigger fan than me, north of the 49th. It was at the top of my list to meet you, listen to you talk about anything football, and finally get a copy of your book signed! Check, check, check. Thank you for being so accessible to your fans. I'm determined to have an Ottawa Tweet-up one day and have you watch hockey in hockey's home. MMQB 4eva!

The Common Table - Thank you for hosting PK's tweet-up and providing a heated tent outside with lots of room! And thanks for great service, Brooklyn Lager and my healthy pour of Patron. I'm not sure if 2+oz pours are in the Constitution, but God Bless America!

John Doolittle & KMG - Couldn't have met 2 nicer guys at the Tweet-up. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd actually finally meet a Doolittle. Thanks for sharing a chair and heater outside and taking me for more beer and pizza after. GENUINE.

Team 1200 TGOR - Thank you, thank you, thank you for including me in Ottawa's SB coverage on your show. What a great experience for me!! I hope it won't be the last time. You guys rock.

CBC Ottawa Morning - Leslie, your call in Dallas made me so happy! Thanks to you and Hallie for also including me on the much loved Canadian radio.

CBC Breakaway - Jackie, I'm sorry I didn't meet the Habs gents sooner!! Thank you for giving me an "assignment" and for your kind words. I'll be on the lookout for Quebecers everywhere now!

And finally....

NHL 88th season (2004) - LOCKOUT. Thank you for dumping me and setting me up with NFL. Meant to be. You'll always be my 1st love though. But GO FALCONS!!

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