Thursday, February 3, 2011

Whack Jobs

I realized after I got off the phone with JR and Steve of Team 1200-TGOR (Ottawa sports radio) yesterday, they probably wanted to hear more about the "whack jobs" at Media Day. JR pressed me a few times and I gave him a few tidbits but I suppose I could have given more. I wasn't getting the hint. Media Day, the kickoff of Superbowl Week coverage for all the fans, is the day that media from under every rock come out. (including me! ha!) We were bussed out on charters from the hotel and herded in like cattle when we arrived, through a massive temporary tent set up, not even the front doors. Herded, I'm not kidding. The security staff were guiding, pointing, YELLING military-like commands: GET IN LINE, LETS SEE YOUR PASSES, PEOPLE WITH EQUIPMENT TO THE LEFT- TO! THE! LEFT!, EMPTY YOUR POCKETS, UNZIP YOUR COAT, OPEN YOUR BAGS! On repeat. Those of us with equipment set it on the ground, in lines, then went through the metal detectors, and were patted down while the police dogs sniffed our camera and lenses. Then get in the next line to walk towards the stadium. Our crew needed radio frequency for equipment, so get in a different line. And finally we made it inside to find our little spot of turf to throw our coats.

Overhead annoucements and a huge timeclock keep everyone on schedule once the first team comes out. Packers players, suited up, headed on field. Some to podiums, coach McCarthy included and the rest left to their on defenses down on the turf. I frantically clicked pics, going to and fro, eavesdropping, finding the funnies, getting sucked in by Ross the Intern's line-of-questioning everytime I went by. The Network was there so I, admittedly, wasted some time gawking and trying to hear the broadcast. Marly, on our crew, was amazing and introduced me to colleagues whenever she could. She pointed out Ines Sainz, who had as much media attention as any of the players. People in costumes, kids with microphones asking questions, a girl measuring biceps and putting on a one-armed push-up competition. Questions about hair and beards, hair and beards. The clock ran out, we were herded upstairs for lunch, and then did it all over again with The Steelers. It was a complete gong show. Half the turf was swarmed with people. I LOVED IT!!!

I just want to say one more thing. I'm going to admit something. I trust it will stay here and none of you will call me out. I did not recognize Chad Ochocinco. There, it's off my chest. (I told a couple of my friends here in confidence but I've decided I'll be honest now before it bites me in the ass).
I didn't recognize Ochocinco!! What the hell? I was doing my rounds and I kept seeing him and thinking, "Who is this guy hanging with Ines Sainz (surprise surprise) and everyone wants to interview him?" He's in a fancy ass pair of designer jeans and a fitted leather jacket and I just couldn't figure it out. Every player had a uniform on. In my defense, the dude is SMALL. When I say small, I mean trim and not exceptionally tall. I'm sure his body is ripped underneath but I guess I just expected some serious bulk. And I also wasn't expecting for him to be there. WHY THE HELL was he there??? Ocho, your team isn't in the SB. Go lift weights or something. Anyhow, Marly says, hey hey get a picture of me and Chad, I haven't seen him for awhile. My brain clicks: "Chad", crowd magnet, cameras flashing, hanging with Ines Sainz....(bells sound) that's CHAD Ochocinco!! Hahaha how embarrassing.
Anyway, my story is going to be something like. "Well he said his name was Chad Johnson so it threw me off there for a bit". So go with it people and zip your lips.

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